Reiki Healing Sessions

Order a personalized Reiki Healing Session, by yours truly

Reiki Healing Session


Reiki healing sessions vary from individual to individual. Please consult this page and myself before purchasing any healing sessions for the first time. Eye would hate for you to think you need an advanced session and only need a basic and vice versa. Let me help you distinguish before you make that decision for the first time, especially.

There are two types of sessions: physical and distance sessions. For the time being eye am providing distance sessions.  Physical sessions include an innerg session tailored to what the individual needs. Distance sessions can be executed without being in the vicinity of the person needing the healing. The healing is available on four levels, these levels are physical, emotional, mental and karmic.  You may email me once you have read the following descriptions, examples, and general information. Description of the 4 healing levels and examples below,

  • Physical healing BASICthis session is for someone who maybe cut their finger with a knife and needs it healed in the next hour. Something like this would require a picture of the cut and a single 5-10 minute session.  This session is $10
  • Physical healing INTERMEDIATE~ this session is for someone who has a sore throat for example. The sore throat is really an emotional issue in disguise. Some possibilities are: not speaking up enough, not speaking truthfully, a fear of change, built up anger or frustrated creativity. What eye do is eye help you clear this Chakra so that your sore throat can dissipate. This usually takes 1 to 3 sessions at 10-15 minutes each. $1.50 per minute desired (10 min= $15, 11 min= $16.50, 12 min= $18, 13 min= $19.50, 14 min= $21 and 15 min= $22.50) PURCHASE A SESSION
  • Physical healing ADVANCED~ this session is for someone who has laryngitis,  for example. This disease is due to an anger that is too great which is affecting your speech. This type of session includes a consultation where we can start the process of identifying where the anger stems from. Then eye will attack the disease at its emotional root. This type of session works in conjunction with the Emotional and Mental healing ADVANCED. This session lasts a minimum of 20 minutes. $50 per single session. $80 for 2 sessions $120 for 3 sessions. *sessions beyond this must be negotiated* PURCHASE A SESSION
  • Emotional and Mental healing BASIC~ This session is for someone who, let’s say, is in the process of moving from one place to another and just needs a quick “emotional and mental pick me up” to help them deal with the adversities of the process. This session lasts 5-7 minutes. $1.00 per minute desired(5 min= $5, 6 min= $6, etc) PURCHASE A SESSION
  • Emotional and Mental healing INTERMEDIATE~  this session is for someone who is feeling a bit down lately and needs to gain self confidence, motivation and strength. This session lasts about 10-15 minutes. $1.50 per minute desired (10 min= $15, 11 min= $16.50, 12 min= $18, 13 min= $19.50, 14 min= $21 and 15 min= $22.50) PURCHASE A SESSION
  • Emotional and Mental healing ADVANCEDthis session is for an individual who is dealing with something deeper, a sexual molestation as a child for example, this will take multiple sessions and will require longer sessions. Sessions tend to be longer at first until the individual has taken control of the emotional root to the problem. These sessions include a consultation and can last a minimum of 20 minutes. Eye normally suggest 3 to 5 sessions to start. $50 per single session. $80 for 2 sessions $120 for 3 sessions. *sessions beyond this must be negotiated*  PURCHASE A SESSION
  • Karmic healing~ this healing can be attached to any of the healing sessions above. It helps for the healing to take place in this life time, be eradicated in this lifetime and not affect any future lifetimes. $20.00 to be added onto any session.  PURCHASE A SESSION


All the individual would have to do is: NOTHING but allow the innerg that eye am sending in. If one wishes to receive quicker and more intense results eye recommend that they meditate with me at the same time.


Basic sessions provide a quick fix to a problem. The individual receiving the session will begin to feel that their ailment is starting to dissipate.

Intermediate sessions provide the effects of a basic session while also gaining a sense of emotional and mental confidence, balance and inner strength.

Advanced sessions provide the effects of both basic and intermediate sessions while also ascertaining an inner peace from within. The individual benefitting from these sessions will start to open up to the universe. They will start to see their role in situations and how they can help themselves through it. They will start to see the synchronicities in life. They will begin to feel a connection to the universe.


Please include what type of session you think you may need or an explanation of the problem you are having. The explanation can be brief or it can be detailed. Eye will probably ask some questions to further help determine the type of session that would work best for you.

I am looking forward to helping you be the best and happiest you that you can possibly be!

With love,

Akuchi Azubike

Please note that you will be treated with the utmost respect, and your ailments will be kept in confidence.

Email me in order to begin the process to receive a healing session.

3 thoughts on “Reiki Healing Sessions

  1. I donated 25 to you an im just askin if I can get a healing for my mind so that o can really start sortingthinks out an become more conscious if you can help


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