Custom Made Staff Cane

Hand carved Staff/CanePhotoGrid_1420581182103

Eye picked this piece of wood up from the New Orleans levy. It called me to heal it. Eye gave it a Reiki healing session and brought it back to happiness. Eye asked it who it was and it told me that he was Ausar. The father in the first immaculate conception ever recorded in history. This story (see Anuk Ausar post) was written in the temples of Kemet (Egypt) and predates any and every religious immaculate conception to date! After healing this wonderful piece of nature he told me what he wanted to be depicted as: a message of love, life,peace, determination and strength.

In the front you will see the eye of Heru (Horus to the Greeks-see Anuk Ausar post), an ankh, hearts and the word love in the RBG color scheme. At the bottom we have the hieroglyph for water. Eye included this hieroglyph because of its significance to us as huemans. We are made 70% of water and have an undeniable connection to it. On the back eye have carved the phrase “Anuk Ausar” which means “I am Ausar”. At the bottom you have a series of spirals. Spirals represent manifestation. Eye used the spirals to inject the sacred Reiki symbols into the staff. With these symbols  the buyer will gain a sense of inner peace, a feeling of confidence and empowerment, and a positive change in attitude and thought process.

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