Solar Plexus or Third Chakra – What it is and what it does

solar plexus 2

            The third (3rd) or Solar Plexus Chakra is located in between the navel and the chest plate. Approximately 3-5 inches above your belly button. Its color is yellow-orange and it is mainly associated with self-esteem, happiness and the will to accomplish what must be done, emotional balance, and digestion.
Some signs of imbalance include indigestion, liver problems, gallstones, pancreas disorders such as diabetes or hypoglycemia, self-shaming, overachiever personality, low self-esteem, lacking confidence, fatigue, and unhappiness.

Some common ways one can see this is in their life is by being tired, not having focus, lacking motivation, no enthusiasm, unsatisfied in one or more aspects of life.
Some rebalancing methods include taking classes, reading informative books, doing mind puzzles, going under Ra, detoxification programs, solar plexus cleanse with reiki. Eating yellow foods and teas such as squash and chamomile will also help. Yellow healing stones, such as orange calcite, sunstone, carnelian, and tiger eye can assist in the healing journey as well. Yellow clothing and using yellow oils such as lemon or rosemary essential oils can also help balance the solar plexus.

A deeper and holistic approach is also Reiki. Reiki can help one heal on the mental and emotional realms. It is believed in Reiki that every dis ease has an emotional root to it and if the emotional root is deciphered or figured out, then one can learn to heal from it and break any consequent problem or problems that it caused.

A healthy chakra is evident or can be seen, but is not limited to when the person is healthy and secure in themselves, takes care of themselves, is selective with their partners, is creative in their thinking and acting.

After any chakra cleansing one can expect changes to occur from the mental, emotional and physical realms. This means changes in one’s actions, feelings and thoughts. The key is to go with the flow, follow the intuition and let the healing innerg take its course.

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solar plexus


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