Sacral or Second Chakra- What it is and what it does


        The second (2nd) or Sacral Chakra is the second of seven (7) major chakras and it  has a color of red orange and it is associated with birth, sexuality, and creativity. It is located near the naval and towards the lower abdomen.
Some signs of Imbalance can be eating disorders, alcohol, drug abuse, depression, lower back pain, candida and yeast infections, urinary problems, lack of feeling, dulled senses, impotence and frigidity.
Some common signs of imbalance are the inability to have one sexual partner, to not feel good about one’s body, the need to show off the body, feel uncomfortable naked around oneself or others, over sexualizing the self and life.
Some re-balancing Methods include swimming, especially in natural settings such as lakes, oceans or hot springs. Water aerobics, massage, walking in the rain, watching rainstorms. It would help to eat orange colored foods such as carrots, pumpkins and oranges. Orange healing stones such as citrine, orange calcite, sunstone and topaz. Orange colored clothing can also stimulate healing to the chakra, as well as using citrus or orange essential oils.

sacral 2
A deeper and holistic approach is also Reiki. Reiki can help one heal on the mental and emotional realms. It is believed in Reiki that every dis ease has an emotional root to it and if the emotional root is deciphered or figured out, then one can learn to heal from it and break any consequent problem or problems that it caused.
For example, if your sacral chakra is unbalanced because you were never taught about your body, the implications of sexual acts, or how to love and raspect your body and self, then all of your actions will show that. Reiki works with this in that it helps cleanse or clear the innerg stored there while healing and strengthening the chakra.


       A healthy sacral chakra is evident or can be seen, but is not limited to when the person is healthy and secure in themselves, takes care of themselves, is selective with their partners, is creative in their thinking and acting,

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