Root or Base Chakra Cleansing

base chakra

To cleanse the root or base chakra with a reiki healing session one should be prepared to experience changes in their lives. This is not an overnight process, but more of a cleanse to release anything  that is not serving one in regards to their life or higher purpose.

If you know that you need to be more stable in any area of your life, whether it is finances, decisions, lifestyle, living situation, basic needs, etc then this is the cleanse for you. Make sure that you have read the post about the root or base chakra (linked above) and it would be helpful to read the chakras post as well as the “What is Reiki Healing?” post. Eye am a Reiki Master and Teacher with a distant session specialty.

When cleansing the base chakra one has to be ready and willing to make the necessary changes necessary to get the results required. The email consultation will help with this process as well. After the session one can expect to feel more at ease yet more driven to resolve the situation(s) that are unbalanced in their lives. One will experience the strength and courage to do what is neccessary to stay or remain balanced.

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