Root or Base (1st) Chakra

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Chakras are energy centers that dwell within our subtle body or aura. The 7 Major Chakras have both individual and inter-related communication within our physical body, organs and systems. Blockages or imbalances can occur from trauma, negative experiences, negative belief systems, or simply from life’s daily ups and downs. Chakras can function as portals to receive energy or as transformers of energy. They can both absorb and radiate energy. Sometimes, the first sign of imbalance is a physical or emotional symptom. Frequent colds or persistent relationship problems, for example, could indicate that you need a chakra tune-up.*

The first of the seven (7) major chakras is the root or base chakra. This chakra deals with grounding, stability, and security. Before we continue, let us discuss these three things a bit further. They sound pretty basic but they can go very deep as well. For example, grounding refers to how grounded you are. Grounding refers to how balanced you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; these are the four levels of existence. Everything that we do goes through these four levels.

Stability refers to how stable we are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Am eye a roller coaster of emotions or am eye mostly at peace? Am eye being strong in my decisions or weak when it comes to changes and challenges? Am eye stable in my home, as far as my living situation, or am eye jumping from house to house, town to town, etc? Do eye often have to worry about food and clothing? Are my bills paid on time? Can eye do laundry when eye need to? how able am eye to solve these problems? How often do eye have these problems?

The answers to these questions will tell you, just by you asking them to yourself in your head when you read this, how balanced or unbalanced you root or base chakra is. Security relates to how secure one is with their decisions and their consequences. The ability to adapt and conform or go with the flow of things is one of a balanced root or base chakra. How secure one feels in their methods and what they are yielding or getting out of their choices can help one determine how much balancing the chakra needs and of which type.

root chakra

       To help balance this chakra one can do many things. One beginning can be to recognize the signs of imbalance. Some signs of imbalance are anemia, fatigue, lower back pain, sciatica, depression, poor circulation, lack of innerg (especially in women), failure to pay bills on time, overwhelming sense of being lost, feeling like there’s too much on your plate and not feeling or being connected to Geb.

Some ways to balance this chakra are by Physical exercise, sound sleep, gardening, working with clay such as pottery and sculpture. Other ways are to go earthing; this is when one takes their feet and puts them into the soil or even on the grass or concrete (provided that it is not too hot or too cold).

Red foods and teas such as beets and pomegranates can assist in balancing the root or base chakra. Healing stones of the color red assist one in healing this chakra. Stones such as ruby, red jasper and garnet. Wearing red clothing, bathing with red oils or flowers such as ylang ylang and sandalwood would also help. Burning sandalwood oil or incense would help as well.

One can also aid and cleanse this chakra through meditation and the help of Reiki. Eye am a Reiki Master, Teacher and active Practitioner. If you would be interested in this powerful natural healing method, please read the Reiki link for many common questions. With that said, my specialty is distant sessions. This means that eye excel or am really good at doing sessions from a distance or by being far away from you. The distance does not matter, eye am able to work with anyone; children and pets included.

Reiki can help anyone on any path of life and on all levels. One example, is the fifth (5th) or throat chakra. One aspect of this chakra is the ability to communicate effectively with others and with oneself. When one is angry at themselves they might have negative inner or self talk. This requires healing. When one has misunderstandings with others regularly, this is a sign of an imbalanced throat chakra. Cleansing and balancing is needed. It should be innerstood that work on the part of the person receiving the healing is necessary depending on the healing session.

There are two types of sessions: physical and distance sessions. For the time being eye am providing distance sessions. Physical sessions include an innerg session tailored to what the individual needs. Distance sessions can be executed without being in the vicinity of the person needing the healing. The healing is available on four levels, these levels are physical, emotional, mental and karmic. You may email me once you have read the following descriptions, examples, and general information. Description of the 4 healing levels and examples below:

PHYSICAL healing refers to healing the physical body. This can range from, but not limited to headaches, sore throat, a cut, or swelling.

EMOTIONAL healing refers to anything that relates to ones emotions. Examples of this are lack of self love, courage, strength, peace, clarity and depression.

MENTAL healing refers to one’s mental health. One’s positivity, self talk, thought patterns, addictions, deeply rooted anger, triggers, etc.

KARMIC and SOUL healing. This session is about eliminating unwanted behaviors from this and future lives that we brought into this life from a past life. Examples of this are dating the same type of people, patterns that are hard to let go, and fear that we do not know where it comes from.

Basic healing sessions work on the physical level.

Intermediate healing sessions work on the emotional level.

Advanced healing sessions work on the mental, soul and karmic levels.


Please contact me before or after purchasing this session.

For more information please visit Reiki Healing Sessions .

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