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Solar Plexus or Third Chakra – What it is and what it does

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            The third (3rd) or Solar Plexus Chakra is located in between the navel and the chest plate. Approximately 3-5 inches above your belly button. Its color is yellow-orange and it is mainly associated with self-esteem, happiness and the will to accomplish what must be done, emotional balance, and digestion.
Some signs of imbalance include indigestion, liver problems, gallstones, pancreas disorders such as diabetes or hypoglycemia, self-shaming, overachiever personality, low self-esteem, lacking confidence, fatigue, and unhappiness.

Some common ways one can see this is in their life is by being tired, not having focus, lacking motivation, no enthusiasm, unsatisfied in one or more aspects of life.
Some rebalancing methods include taking classes, reading informative books, doing mind puzzles, going under Ra, detoxification programs, solar plexus cleanse with reiki. Eating yellow foods and teas such as squash and chamomile will also help. Yellow healing stones, such as orange calcite, sunstone, carnelian, and tiger eye can assist in the healing journey as well. Yellow clothing and using yellow oils such as lemon or rosemary essential oils can also help balance the solar plexus.

A deeper and holistic approach is also Reiki. Reiki can help one heal on the mental and emotional realms. It is believed in Reiki that every dis ease has an emotional root to it and if the emotional root is deciphered or figured out, then one can learn to heal from it and break any consequent problem or problems that it caused.

A healthy chakra is evident or can be seen, but is not limited to when the person is healthy and secure in themselves, takes care of themselves, is selective with their partners, is creative in their thinking and acting.

After any chakra cleansing one can expect changes to occur from the mental, emotional and physical realms. This means changes in one’s actions, feelings and thoughts. The key is to go with the flow, follow the intuition and let the healing innerg take its course.

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What Are Healing Stones and How do They Work?



Healing stones are considered to be an aid to anyone who wants to heal, work or explore a few or certain parts of their lives. This includes, but is not limited to the chakras, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, multidimensional and more.

Everything has a vibration or a certain frequency that it pertains to. For example, there are solids and liquids. All solids; cars, tables, etc. are vibrating on the same or similar frequencies. That is why they can all be solid or hard. Liquids; water, juice, etc. are also vibrating on their own frequencies. These two frequencies, of liquid and solid are different to each other. Therefore, they feel different when they are touched.

This is the reason why some songs make you feel like falling in love, some invite you to get up and dance, while others bring you to tears because you felt it so deeply. All of these songs vibrate on different frequencies.

Each of us vibrate on different frequencies. And everything that is vibrating relates to everything around it. This means that you can feel other people’s vibes or vibration or frequency. That is why certain people can get along better than others. They are on similar frequencies. Individuals that are not on similar frequencies will not get along well.

Healing stones relate to us just like people, music, TV, and the Earth does. How we allow them to relate to us as well as how we relate to them is important. Healing stones only need a few things, these are: to be loved, appreciated, cleansed and allowed to work. They work by altering or vibing or vibrating with your frequency.

To give an example of how they work, eye will tell you about my experience with amethyst. Eye had read that amethyst was good for releasing addictions and habits. Eye had picked up the habit of nicotine or cigarettes. It had only been a few months but eye was finding it hard to quit. eye decided to program my amethyst ring to help me work on this issue.

Within two days, every time eye inhaled the smoke from the cigarette eye would get a headache. Eye was reluctant because my brain wanted to make sure that it was the stone actually doing this. It kept happening and it only occurred when eye smoked a cigarette. Eye tried to fight it but the headache was worse than the momentary pleasure of one inhale before they began. Eye haven’t smoked one since.

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            There are stones for almost anything imaginable. Some examples are cell regeneration, blood strengthener, abundance creator and attractor, self love, anxiety, dreams, protection from bad innerg, talking to your angels, meditation, chakras, depression, letting go, activating higher self and so much more.

Meditating or just simply having these stones in your environment allows them to work with you. They become even more powerful when reiki is given to them. They should be cleansed regularly and cared for.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. One easy way is to light an incense and allow the smoke of the incense to cover the stones while you ask them to cleanse themselves. You can substitute the incense for sage or palo santo, both which also repel negative innerg. One can also hold the stone in their palm and turn on a water faucet. Put your palm under the running tefnut and ask the stones to cleanse themselves. Once you feel that they are cleansed, you may dry and use.

Healing stones can also be cleansed by leaving them in the moonlight or under ra for a minimum of 6 hours. This also charges them and makes their innerg even more potent.

To use your healing stones, you can have them around you (in your home, office, car, etc), wear them as jewelry, sleep with them close by or meditate with them. Make sure to always cleanse any stones that you may have purchased, unless you buy them from someone like me, who cleanses, infuses reiki and programs the stone for you while attuning it to you. My healing stones come ready to use.


Sacral or Second Chakra- What it is and what it does


        The second (2nd) or Sacral Chakra is the second of seven (7) major chakras and it  has a color of red orange and it is associated with birth, sexuality, and creativity. It is located near the naval and towards the lower abdomen.
Some signs of Imbalance can be eating disorders, alcohol, drug abuse, depression, lower back pain, candida and yeast infections, urinary problems, lack of feeling, dulled senses, impotence and frigidity.
Some common signs of imbalance are the inability to have one sexual partner, to not feel good about one’s body, the need to show off the body, feel uncomfortable naked around oneself or others, over sexualizing the self and life.
Some re-balancing Methods include swimming, especially in natural settings such as lakes, oceans or hot springs. Water aerobics, massage, walking in the rain, watching rainstorms. It would help to eat orange colored foods such as carrots, pumpkins and oranges. Orange healing stones such as citrine, orange calcite, sunstone and topaz. Orange colored clothing can also stimulate healing to the chakra, as well as using citrus or orange essential oils.

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A deeper and holistic approach is also Reiki. Reiki can help one heal on the mental and emotional realms. It is believed in Reiki that every dis ease has an emotional root to it and if the emotional root is deciphered or figured out, then one can learn to heal from it and break any consequent problem or problems that it caused.
For example, if your sacral chakra is unbalanced because you were never taught about your body, the implications of sexual acts, or how to love and raspect your body and self, then all of your actions will show that. Reiki works with this in that it helps cleanse or clear the innerg stored there while healing and strengthening the chakra.


       A healthy sacral chakra is evident or can be seen, but is not limited to when the person is healthy and secure in themselves, takes care of themselves, is selective with their partners, is creative in their thinking and acting,

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**An article on the Chakras will be emailed to you upon purchase**

Root or Base Chakra Cleansing

base chakra

To cleanse the root or base chakra with a reiki healing session one should be prepared to experience changes in their lives. This is not an overnight process, but more of a cleanse to release anything  that is not serving one in regards to their life or higher purpose.

If you know that you need to be more stable in any area of your life, whether it is finances, decisions, lifestyle, living situation, basic needs, etc then this is the cleanse for you. Make sure that you have read the post about the root or base chakra (linked above) and it would be helpful to read the chakras post as well as the “What is Reiki Healing?” post. Eye am a Reiki Master and Teacher with a distant session specialty.

When cleansing the base chakra one has to be ready and willing to make the necessary changes necessary to get the results required. The email consultation will help with this process as well. After the session one can expect to feel more at ease yet more driven to resolve the situation(s) that are unbalanced in their lives. One will experience the strength and courage to do what is neccessary to stay or remain balanced.

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Root or Base (1st) Chakra

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Chakras are energy centers that dwell within our subtle body or aura. The 7 Major Chakras have both individual and inter-related communication within our physical body, organs and systems. Blockages or imbalances can occur from trauma, negative experiences, negative belief systems, or simply from life’s daily ups and downs. Chakras can function as portals to receive energy or as transformers of energy. They can both absorb and radiate energy. Sometimes, the first sign of imbalance is a physical or emotional symptom. Frequent colds or persistent relationship problems, for example, could indicate that you need a chakra tune-up.*

The first of the seven (7) major chakras is the root or base chakra. This chakra deals with grounding, stability, and security. Before we continue, let us discuss these three things a bit further. They sound pretty basic but they can go very deep as well. For example, grounding refers to how grounded you are. Grounding refers to how balanced you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; these are the four levels of existence. Everything that we do goes through these four levels.

Stability refers to how stable we are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Am eye a roller coaster of emotions or am eye mostly at peace? Am eye being strong in my decisions or weak when it comes to changes and challenges? Am eye stable in my home, as far as my living situation, or am eye jumping from house to house, town to town, etc? Do eye often have to worry about food and clothing? Are my bills paid on time? Can eye do laundry when eye need to? how able am eye to solve these problems? How often do eye have these problems?

The answers to these questions will tell you, just by you asking them to yourself in your head when you read this, how balanced or unbalanced you root or base chakra is. Security relates to how secure one is with their decisions and their consequences. The ability to adapt and conform or go with the flow of things is one of a balanced root or base chakra. How secure one feels in their methods and what they are yielding or getting out of their choices can help one determine how much balancing the chakra needs and of which type.

root chakra

       To help balance this chakra one can do many things. One beginning can be to recognize the signs of imbalance. Some signs of imbalance are anemia, fatigue, lower back pain, sciatica, depression, poor circulation, lack of innerg (especially in women), failure to pay bills on time, overwhelming sense of being lost, feeling like there’s too much on your plate and not feeling or being connected to Geb.

Some ways to balance this chakra are by Physical exercise, sound sleep, gardening, working with clay such as pottery and sculpture. Other ways are to go earthing; this is when one takes their feet and puts them into the soil or even on the grass or concrete (provided that it is not too hot or too cold).

Red foods and teas such as beets and pomegranates can assist in balancing the root or base chakra. Healing stones of the color red assist one in healing this chakra. Stones such as ruby, red jasper and garnet. Wearing red clothing, bathing with red oils or flowers such as ylang ylang and sandalwood would also help. Burning sandalwood oil or incense would help as well.

One can also aid and cleanse this chakra through meditation and the help of Reiki. Eye am a Reiki Master, Teacher and active Practitioner. If you would be interested in this powerful natural healing method, please read the Reiki link for many common questions. With that said, my specialty is distant sessions. This means that eye excel or am really good at doing sessions from a distance or by being far away from you. The distance does not matter, eye am able to work with anyone; children and pets included.

Reiki can help anyone on any path of life and on all levels. One example, is the fifth (5th) or throat chakra. One aspect of this chakra is the ability to communicate effectively with others and with oneself. When one is angry at themselves they might have negative inner or self talk. This requires healing. When one has misunderstandings with others regularly, this is a sign of an imbalanced throat chakra. Cleansing and balancing is needed. It should be innerstood that work on the part of the person receiving the healing is necessary depending on the healing session.

There are two types of sessions: physical and distance sessions. For the time being eye am providing distance sessions. Physical sessions include an innerg session tailored to what the individual needs. Distance sessions can be executed without being in the vicinity of the person needing the healing. The healing is available on four levels, these levels are physical, emotional, mental and karmic. You may email me once you have read the following descriptions, examples, and general information. Description of the 4 healing levels and examples below:

PHYSICAL healing refers to healing the physical body. This can range from, but not limited to headaches, sore throat, a cut, or swelling.

EMOTIONAL healing refers to anything that relates to ones emotions. Examples of this are lack of self love, courage, strength, peace, clarity and depression.

MENTAL healing refers to one’s mental health. One’s positivity, self talk, thought patterns, addictions, deeply rooted anger, triggers, etc.

KARMIC and SOUL healing. This session is about eliminating unwanted behaviors from this and future lives that we brought into this life from a past life. Examples of this are dating the same type of people, patterns that are hard to let go, and fear that we do not know where it comes from.

Basic healing sessions work on the physical level.

Intermediate healing sessions work on the emotional level.

Advanced healing sessions work on the mental, soul and karmic levels.


Please contact me before or after purchasing this session.

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