Metu Neter: Vol 1, Introduction: The Hemispheres of the Brain Part 2

page ten hemispheres of the brain

Welcome back! On this post we will be looking at the second part of the “Hemispheres of the Brain” portion of the first chapter of the Metu Neter vol 1 by Ra Un Nefer Amen. Part 1 of this section may be found here.

Paragraph 4: Nefer Amen begins to quote from the book Bantu Philosophies.

Paragraph 5: The author begins by stating that the concept of individuality is foreign to Bantu thought. The Bantu people believe that every created being has an intimate ontological relationship with each other. That is to say that they have a bond similar to that of creature and creator. In other words, a bond that is strong and stemmed from a higher place. The Bantu ideals do not tolerate the thought that a created being is separate from its creator and other created beings. They believe that there is a strong connection between every created creature or living being. The connection is not limited from human to human but extends to animals, nature and the forces within and around them.


Paragraph 6: Janheinz Jahn writes in Muntu the following: 1. in a traditional sense the world view is one of harmony. 2. it is not a worldview in the European worldview because the world we live in is a product of the thoughts and experiences of those who shape it. 3. to the European it is an extraordinary view while being very common to the Bantu. 4. the word harmony can not adequately reflect a world view because it is too vague. to say that everything is in harmony is even less vague and further solidifies the aforementioned statement.

Paragraph 7: A yoruba writer named Adebayo Adesanya writes that the Yoruba principles do not allow them to separate faith and reason or science and God. It is common to separate these things in the Western part of the world but not for the Yoruba. They are both mutually dependant upon the other and live in balance.

Feel free to leave a comment telling us about your opinions and thoughts. If you agree or disagree and why. Eye was raised in America, therefore, eye grew up believing the Western way of thinking was correct until the recent future. Eye discovered that we are all connected through an out of body experience. Eye felt in one instant eye was connected to every tree, every mass of water, every animal, and every human in the universe. Eye also had a reiki session where it was revealed to me that eye had been burned at the stake because of my abilities in a past life. eye started looking into Wicca and found that it is mostly a connection to nature, the moon and the elements. This made it easy for me to accept the ideals of the Yoruba culture in this lifetime.

Wishing you eternal love and light,

Akuchi Azubike


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