Why does my throat hurt?


According to Reiki, we believe that every physical illness or dis-ease is caused by en emotional root that is attached to it. In this article you will find different throat ailments and their emotional root, as well as how to overcome the illness.

First, if you have a throat pain-this is due to a fear of change, an inability to speak up, anger, or frustrated creativity. The root can be one, or multiple of the aforementioned emotional attachments.

Second, if you are suffering from laryngitis– this is due to the person holding in an anger that is so great that it does not allow them to speak.

Third- if you have a sore throat– this is due to having anger within you. The anger is starting to manifest itself into your body from that negative emotion.

Lastly, if you have tonsillitis or thyroid problems- this is due to stifled creativity, deeply stifled creativity in those with leukemia. Your creativity needs to manifest itself. Get to painting, drawing, writing, singing, carving, dancing, or whatever lets your creative juices flow!

How to overcome throat ailments: Speak up! Speak the truth at all times! Do not hold in any type of negative innerg. Be creative! Let it all hang out! Forgive others whether they know it or not. Love verbally and openly. This is how you get your throat cleared of illness.

There is also another option. You can request a Reiki healing session with a practitioner, such as myself. Most clients who do not meditate feel a difference by the third session while those who do meditate feel a difference instantly or by the next day, depending on how in tune with themselves they are.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Your sessions are always treated with love, respect and confidentiality.


-Akuchi Azubike-


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