Metu Neter- Author’s Preface


So here we go!! The first “real” post on the Metu Neter. In this post eye will be posting the author’s preface and offering my opinion. Eye have labeled the paragraphs on the copy that eye will post so that we can be on the same page, literally and figuratively.

Screenshot_2015-01-28-16-11-23  This is page 1 of the Metu Neter and it contains the authors preface.

Shall we begin? Cool! Eye’m excited too! Let’s keep in mind that these are my opinions based on my knowledge up to this point in my life.

Paragraph 1– This, to me, means that the world as we know it works in unison with entities (spirits or innerg). These innergies are interlocked with each other, us and the rest of the world with an unseen web. This web connects us all.

Paragraph 2– This paragraph to me explains how disconnected we are from that unseen connection that we try anything in our power and intellect to try to figure out some of these things. We have created science, religion, government, etc and we still cant answer certain essential life questions, such as “Why am eye here?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “What is God?”, etc. We try to answer these questions and live life to no significant progress because there is still unbalance in the world where it is necessary. Where might that be? In our consciousness.

Paragraph 3– This paragraph says to me that we can have all the knowledge in the world but that still will not be enough to come to terms with these questions and gain access to our higher selves. If we know the ten commandments, for example, but do not live in the example of the ten commandments then our knowledge is pointless. We are aware as a people the importance of nature, yet as a whole we do not do anything to save natural resources. We instead like to build more and more where ever we can. That is the difference in knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is applied knowledge while knowledge is just a memorization of facts. We as a whole lack the wisdom and knowledge to connect the unseen web that connects us all.

Paragraph 4– This paragraph starts off by saying that just because we cannot perceive this web, does not mean that it does not exist. It goes on to say that the reality of the web and its connection to everything in the world has been present in Black and Oriental cultures yet has been ignored by Westerners since the dawn of time. Eye must concur, in America “ignorance is bliss”. In order to go back to the time where harmony was among us we need to go back to these principalities. They lead to the creation of civilization.


Paragraph 5– This paragraph begins by stating that Man made laws are irrelevant to the order of a society created by higher entities. The laws of the Universe supersede those of Man. In order for unity and abundance to manifest, or become reality, we need to get in tune with the laws of the universe. We are to innerstand these laws, how they affect us and vice versa. The author states that the purpose of this book is to give the reader a working knowledge of this system. It is a  system to be lived more than to be memorized or spoken of. It is a way of life.

Paragraph 6– This paragraph explains how the Kemetians (Egyptians), the Dravidian (Black India) and the Canaanites (true authors of Kabala) and their religions have shaped this way of life. There were too many synchronicities not to note. He states that all of the information in this book can be well documented, however, that is not as important as the knowledge contained in the book. The author, Ra Un Nefer Amen I eve posed a very valuable question: If the religious and philosophical systems of ancient civilizations were so great, why aren’t we practicing them? In my opinion, it is because the oppressors do not want the masses to gain this knowledge and wisdom. Why not? Because if they did then they wouldn’t accept the treatment that they have been receiving. The enemy will never share his flaws with his enemy ever.


Paragraph 7– In this paragraph the author states that in this book he has given us an array of topics which ANYONE in the world, regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, economic status or religion can discover the links in that unseen web. From the connections between all things in life to the structural continuum that makes the world what it is. He is going to teach us how to let peace, prosperity and spiritual realization reign in the world. From the one within us to the one without.

Eye really hope you guys are as excited as eye am about this journey we just embarked on! Exploring the infinite things of this universe is going to be a great and fun thing for us all!


Akuchi Azubike


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