MY BACK HURTS, BUT I DON’T KNOW WHY?! Maybe this can help…


MY BACK HURTS, BUT I DON’T KNOW WHY?! Maybe this can help…

Ever had a pain in your back that came out of nowhere and you cant figure out why it’s there? And worse off, the doctors cant help? It is because your back problem has an emotional root attached to it. Until you can identify the root and attack the disease at the source you will never fully get rid of the pain. That is the essence of Reiki; the root to all physical diseases stem from an emotional root that is clogging up chakras and dimming your aura.

Below, eye will go through three different back aches and their emotional root. Eye will also provide an example to further clarify the meaning. Eye will also suggest how one may overcome these situations.

UPPER BACK PROBLEMS: not feeling supported emotionally, needing support. This can be a result of various emotions stemming from lack of emotional support. When one feels like they are giving 100% of them into a situation (work, relationship, clients, etc) and they are not being supported this will bring forth this type of back problem. How does one get rid of this problem? First, one identifies what situation or situations are they not feeling supported by (only one taking care of the kids, only one who does all of the cooking, etc) and then they have a conversation with whomever or whatever is causing the emotional pain and go from there. One must voice their opinions anytime one is not happy, but be sure to do it in a polite and empathetic way. That is to say, try to be kind while speaking up about any issues.

MIDDLE BACK PROBLEMS: guilt. This means that the person is holding in guilt from a past experience. Maybe they had a friend who started hanging out with the wrong crowd. This friend eventually got into trouble with his new friends and doing drugs. This new friend ends up becoming strongly addicted to drugs and you can’t help them anymore. The guilt from not intervening in your friends poor life choices can lead to this type of physical dis-ease. In short, holding on to any type of guilt can lead to middle back pains and aches. How does one overcome guilt? You accept the fact of what is and what was and you forgive yourself and anyone else involved for what took place. Eye suggest meditating and putting that guilt in a box. Then send that box down a river where you never have to see or feel it again. Instead you open up the space where that guilt one lived to new and positive thoughts, memories, experiences, etc.

LOWER BACK PROBLEMS: burnout, worrying about money. In other words anytime you have either exhausted yourself or are worrying about money (in any way shape or form) you may develop unexplained back problems. How can one overcome this situation? Stop worrying! If you visualize yourself having everything you need and want the universe will make it happen for you. Try not to focus so much on how you are going to get the money. Just focus innerg on having the money. As far as burning out goes, one must learn to see the signs of over exerting oneself.

You are your own best guru. Listen to yourself and your body! Eye sincerely hope this helps someone out there. If we all had tools like this we could treat ourselves and save lots on doctor visits and bills! Get to know yourself so that you can be the BEST you that you an be!

Love and Light


Akuchi Azubike


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