Why the Metu Neter? And why is cultivating yourself spiritually important?


In this post eye will tell you about why eye chose the Metu Neter as my book of choice, who Tehuti is and why, in my opinion, spiritual cultivation is necessary.

First, eye chose the Metu Neter because eye was introduced to the story of Ausar, Auset and Heru from the 2nd volume and was immediately intrigued from that moment on. The Story of the first immaculate conception ever to be recorded hundred of centuries ago really blew my mind. Not only was eye elated to find that this story has been extracted from the Pyramids in Kemet but eye was also confused as to why this wasn’t what eye had been raised to believe. Eye was raised Catholic and believed for up until a few months ago (Sept 2014) that Jesus Christ was our savior and that his story was unique. At this point eye made it my mission to read each book from beginning to end and eye thought eye’d bring you along for the ride!

Tehuti is the Kemetic name for Thoth. He is the husband of Ma’at, the goddess of social order and justice. Tehuti is the God of Wisdom. He is the head of all managerial affairs and was described as the first scribe. He is also the guardian of divine order and secret knowledge. Together Ma’at and Tehuti are the two whom we see balancing the two scales in the Kemetic hieroglyph of the “Weighing of the Heart” scene. Pictured below, in this scene we see Tehuti and Ma’at weighing a heart against a feather. The heart symbolizes the soul of someone who has just passed away while the feather symbolizes something light weight. If the heart of the individual is as light as a feather her or she is able to ascend in their spiritual journey and follow their life plan on and off of Geb.

weighing of the heart

          Lastly, in my opinion, spiritual cultivation is necessary on many levels. First eye believe that your past strengthens you. Anything from your past mistakes to your past lives. Eye believe that we are all born with the ability to accomplish great things. Things that as children we believe and as adults we entertain but do not believe that they are possible anymore. Eye first started to look at this possibility when eye was just 12 years old. One night eye received some news about my grandfather passing away in the Dominican Republic. Eye thought about calling my good friend but could not manage to pick up the phone and call her. She called me within minutes because she was “thinking about me”. This continues to happen until this day. For the most part, if eye wanted to speak to someone and not call them eye will think about them for 3 to 5 days and they will call or text me during that time. Eye have pretty much perfected this technique. And that, was just the beginning. . .


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